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Propaganda is an international events promotion company and home to the UK’s biggest alternative club night. Each week their events are attended by over 25,000 people all over the world. We are proud to be Propaganda’s creative arm, working exclusively with them to create regular artwork that remains on-brand, culturally relevant and fun.

The Brief

  • Create an updated visual identity for Propaganda which reflects the vibrant and energetic atmosphere of the club night whilst remaining culturally significant
  • Artwork needs to be easily adaptable in order to stay relevant to current trends and a young target market, specifically 18-22 year olds
  • Visual consistency should be maintained across numerous digital and print formats
  • Promotional material needs to be adjustable for various events, dates, prices and venues around the world

The Solution

  • We began by researching current design trends which specifically appeal to a young adult target market, such as vibrant colours, 80s/90s visual references and geometric typography
  • We also considered the influence of digital and social media on the way 18-22 year olds communicate with each other, including the use of visual language such as emojis and the prevalence of hyperbole within a digital world where information is shared and quickly forgotten
  • The final design used traditional signifiers of an alternative night, such as the star in the logo and the use of well known indie musicians, alongside more contemporary design features we identified as part of our research
  • Production approaches were updated to improve adaptability and optimisation for both print and digital formats

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