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Attic is a 1000 capacity venue in the heart of Leeds’ city centre, hosting a range of weekly comedy and club nights, as well as private parties, conferences and meetings. We were approached by Attic to create their branding, visual identity and website.

The Brief

  • We were asked to create a fresh, engaging visual identity to establish Attic as a brand and successfully convey its ethos.
  • The branding needed to represent the venue as a multi-purpose space without lending itself to any particular type of event or genre of music.
  • The corresponding website had to be informative, easy to use and work across a variety of devices.

The Solution

  • We designed a logo which visually represents an ‘attic’ with a division between the upper and lower parts of the word.
  • The visual identity is influenced by retro graphics and old video games, emulating the nostalgic feeling of being inside an attic.
  • The logo works well in different colours and sizes, and can be adapted to promote a variety of events whilst retaining Attic’s brand identity.
  • We produced a clear, easily-navigable one page website which is able to adapt to various screen sizes.

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