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Bristol Aquarium is home to thousands of aquatic creatures of all shapes and sizes. We’ve been working together for several years and are proud to stand by them as their primary creative partner.

We were asked to design a promotional leaflet that would educate, engage and ultimately encourage the reader to visit the Aquarium, as well as ensuring it would remain distinctive in a relatively crowded market place.

The Brief

  • The design of the leaflet needed to be consistent with Aquarium’s existing visual identity
  • Due to the fact that it would usually be placed alongside leaflets to other similar attractions, the Aquarium’s offering needed to be distinct, eye-catching and stand out from the competition
  • The leaflet should be informative yet retain a sense of fun, intriguing the viewer and ultimately encouraging them to visit
  • It should appeal to a wide age range, engaging both children and their parents

The Solution

  • We created a scuba diver character to guide the viewer through the leaflet, giving a visual representation the ‘underwater adventure’ awaiting them
  • We continued using and elaborated upon the illustrative visual style we had created for the brand, relating to Bristol as an artistic city whilst distinguishing the aquarium from other local attractions
  • The playful combination of illustration and photography appeals to children but also gives an accurate representation of what can be found within the attraction

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